SAP DSD – Direct Store delivery

The Direct Store Delivery (DSD) component is a business process that is used in the consumer products industry to distribute goods directly to the end customer. Distribution does not take place via a retail company’s distribution centers in this process.

The backend is the basis for integrating a mobile solution. The mobile solution supports drivers’ activities during the shipment process. Alternatively, a paper-based DSD process is also supported.

Using Direct Store Delivery offers the following advantages:

  1. Consumer products manufacturers have a direct influence on end customers
  2. Settlement of processes in sales and in distribution is optimized
  3. Logistics costs are optimized thanks to efficient visit planning
  4. Materials are available to stores and end customers more quickly (for example, food, beverages, flowers, newspapers)
  5. Drivers are optimally prepared for their tours with comprehensive, structured data (including statistical data)

The DSD business process is based on a specific DSD tour scenario , a type of cycle. This tour scenario starts in the distribution center with order processing and the related shipment preparations, followed by physical delivery of the goods to the customer, and ends with the system processing the tour data in the distribution center.

Link DSD backend

Link DSD Frontend